Friday, 12 July 2013


A first generation BlackBerry Bold BCESA (BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Sales Associate, BCESA40 in full) is a BlackBerry Certification for professional users of RIM (Research In Motion) BlackBerry wireless email devices.

The Certification requires the user to pass several exams relating to the BlackBerry Device, all its functions including Desktop software and providing technical support to Customers of BlackBerry Devices.

The BCESA, BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Sales Associate qualification, is the first of three levels of professional BlackBerry Certification.

BCTA (BlackBerry Certified Technical Associate) BlackBerry Certified Support Associate T2

More information on certifications is on the website.

The BlackBerry Technical Certifications available are:

BlackBerry Certified Enterprise Server Consultant (BCESC) BlackBerry Certified Server Support Technician (BCSST) BlackBerry Certified Support Technician (BCSTR)

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